Pilot Shortage – Just around the corner?

As reported by By Charisse Jones, USA TODAY, January 6, 2013, a pilot shortage is looming for US Airlines that could start this year. As the economy is slowly starting to rebound and new FAA rules start to become reality coupled with approximately 8,000 retiring pilots each year, the airline industry could be faced with a huge pilot demand. If the shortage does take effect, some experts are predicting that the major airlines with scoop up qualified pilot applicants and leave the regional airlines in a tail spin.
Pilots looking to seize the opportunity need to ready themselves now and be poised should the shortage become reality. Pilots need to re-look at their resumes posted at FlightLeveljobs.com and make sure they are up to date and current. All reported flight hours need to be current and accurate. If you have not yet posted your resume, upload it as soon as practical.
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American to hire more than 1,500 flight attendants

As reported October 23, 2012 online by AOPA Industry News, American announced on October 17th that they will begin in November to hire over 1500 new flight attendants. In addition to helping pilots, FlightLevelJobs.com also helps thousands of flight attendants find employment. If you are a new or seasoned flight attendant and are looking for employment opportunities, we would like to assist you in finding that right position. If you are looking for a flight attendant position in the airline, corporate or Part 135 charter sectors, we have the positions listed and are needing you to submit your resumes. To read more about the American story please visit AOPA at: