Why Should Jobseekers Pay for Our Service? Why Not Make the Employers Pay?

We are sensitive to the fact that we make jobseekers pay for our premium service and not charge our employers. However, this is a necessary requirement even during these times when we see some employers (mainly the regional airlines) experiencing a shortage of applicants. Our goal at FLJ is to maintain a centralized jobseeker database where all employers can access applicant resumes in a central location and, in many cases, the jobseeker can apply for a position with just a few clicks of their mouse. Therefore, an exclusively paid for system by employers, is not adequate and not financially feasible.

Other similar companies to FLJ have tried an employer only funded system and have failed. Many have ultimately ended up in bankruptcy court. Many of our employers do pay for extra services such as banner advertisements, premium job postings and various other recruitment campaigns that FLJ offers to employers. This helps to keep the cost of our jobseeker premium membership at a very reasonable cost. As a jobseeker, we recommend that you do not underestimate yourself and fall victim to companies that are offering a totally free system and charging employers only. We are talking about your future careers here. At only $59.99 for a six-month membership, FLJ is one of the best investments you can make in your aviation career. Also, please bear in mind, that even in today’s changing aviation industry, MANY, MANY, MANY employers still refuse to pay fees to list their open positions. Don’t short-change your aviation opportunities with free service offerings. It’s just not worth it.

Finally, FLJ is comprised of aviation professionals, with both corporate and commercial aviation experience. That’s what makes our recruitment firm different!
We are not recruiters supporting clients’ staffing needs with little-to-no industry knowledge. We are aviation professionals who have worked in the aviation industry. Register as a Jobseeker, upload your resume and see a difference.

Recruitment Team

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