Pilot Shortage Beginning to Unfold

As previously predicted from the FlightLevelJobs.com staff, the US pilot shortage is finally upon us and it’s effects are starting to take hold. In a recent press release on January 27, 2014, Great Lakes Airlines announced that it will be suspending service to multiple US cities previously serviced. The suspension of service is due to the severe industry-wide pilot shortage. Charles Howell, CEO for Great Lakes Airlines released the following statement: “Due to the unintended consequences of the new congressionally mandated pilot regulatory requirements, the Company feels it is in the best interest of our customers, communities, and employees to suspend service from these stations until we are able to rebuild our staff of pilots in order to provide reliable service. We deeply regret and apologize for this inconvenience.”

The staff here at FlightLevelJobs.com has begun to put in extra hours to work with aviation employers to help address the pilot employment shortage and to help alleviate the ill effects it will have on air travelers all across the USA and abroad. We predict that this is just the beginning of the pilot shortage and the situation will become more intense as time moves forward. Although we at FlightLevelJobs.com have one of the largest US pilot resume databases in the country, it is still not enough to fill the void. We encourage all Commercial and ATP rated pilots to update your resumes and upload them to our database. By working together we can make a difference and get through the pilot shortage crises looming ahead.

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