Aviation Job Searching “101”

FlightLevelJobs.com has become the leading aviation search engine site for matching candidates to leading aviation companies. Since our inception in 2007, we have helped over 30,000+ aviation professionals across the country. Our website offers a tremendous amount of resources to aid you in your job search as follows:
1. Powerful Search Engine – allows you to search by key aviation words and location.
2. Resume Writing Assistance and Guidance – No “canned” resumes here. Our experienced staff will help you create a powerful resume that will help you stand out against the crowd and increase your chances of getting hired.
3. No Fee for Employers to Post Positions – Most aviation websites charge employers to post their jobs. With everything that is going on across the world these days, including Covid-19, many employers are not hiring and are laying off or furloughing employees. Those few companies that are still hiring surely will NOT pay sites to post their opening.
4. One Click Apply – Upload your resume and apply for positions with a simple click of your mouse.
5. Email Alerts – Setup automatic email alerts that will immediately alert you when a position is posted that matches your interest.
6. Domestic North American Positions – Many aviation sites have listings that are domestic and international positions with the bulk of their listings leaning towards the international markets. We have just the opposite. 97% of our positions are Domestic openings.
7. Fully Staffed by Aviation Professionals – We are not recruiters supporting clients’ staffing needs with little-to-no industry knowledge. We are aviation professionals who have worked in the aviation industry.
8. Career Guidance and Support – Staffed to support your needs via email, phone and text messaging.
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